Belacasa Lighting


                “The sincere friends of this world are as ship lights in the stormiest of nights”-Giotto di Bondone

The sentence says it all. Lights are always energising. We never want to stay in dark for long. Bright lights give us a sense of inspiration and confidence as it illuminates our surroundings. Fluorescents in our room give us the feeling of coziness and the very sense of our existence.Belacasa Lighting

Around two decades ago a basic chandelier was a must in a Dining Room and a Drawing Room. However the concepts have changed today. People nowadays are inclined to more and more fashionable chandeliers and fluorescents in their rooms which are more of environmental friendly kind and also save a lot of electricity. Some chandeliers even come with candles instead of lights which given an ecstatic beauty with a soft and glowing atmosphere in your Dining Room or your Drawing Room. Undoubtedly, it also saves a lot on your pocket from burning!!